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Hong Kong Living | Discover Play-Based Learning at MAGART International Kindergarten | 15 Oct 2018

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Indoor playground at MAGART International Kindergarten Hong Kong

At MAGART International Kindergarten, children are encouraged to develop a
hands-on understanding of the world through structured play and sensory
exploration in a nature-inspired learning environment. By engaging in a range of
play-based activities, children will have the opportunity to develop life skills,
become more creative and build character and confidence – all the while having
lots of fun.

MAGART is introducing new playgroup programmes for babies and toddlers
age six months to three years old in its Taikoo and Whampoa campuses. These
programmes are designed to promote a holistic whole-child development and
the achievement of developmental milestones at a young age; helping your child
make a smooth (and happy) transition into nursery and kindergarten.

MAGART Kindergarten Hong Kong

The Curious Crawlers programme is an hour-long play session for six to twelve
month infants, accompanied by their parents. It focuses on nurturing cognitive
development and early social skills in toddlers through sensory experiences and
opportunities to meet new friends. A typical session includes welcome and free
play, circle time with songs, sensory exploration, tummy time and physical
development activities.

Little Explorers is a 1.5-hour accompanied session for little ones from one to
two years old, with an emphasis on developing social confidence and boosting
fine and gross motor skills. Children participate in activities such as story time,
songs and musical movement, snack time, art and crafts, as well as sensory and
messy play.

Indoor playground at MAGART International Kindergarten Hong Kong

A great transition into MAGART’s pre-nursery programme, Young Discoverers
offers a 1.5-hour unaccompanied session for children aged two to three years.
Being away from their parents, children get the chance to learn and explore at
their own pace, promoting confidence and fostering independence in them.

MAGART is part of the Little Golden Star International Education Group, which
was founded in 1997 and manages more than 150 nurseries and kindergartens.

To learn more about MAGART’s programmes, Whatsapp 9879 1509 or
email [email protected]. You can also register for the upcoming open days on 27 October and 4 November here.

MAGART (Taikoo), Shop B, UG/F, Park Vale, No. 1060 King's Road, HK (Tai Koo Station Exit B), 2788 0344

MAGART (Whampoa), Shop G3A, Site 7, Whampoa Garden, 9 Tak On Street, HK (Whampoa Station Exit D2), 2786 9699

In collaboration with MAGART International Kindergarten cum Nursery.

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