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      1. There is something very special about the start of a new school year. It was delightful to welcome our children back to school as well as many new families joining our growing MAGART family!

        Our teachers and staff have been working very hard in the days leading up to the children’s first day to create welcoming and engaging learning environments, as well engaging in professional development, training and collaboration to ensure quality and consistency of our teaching and learning.  and the ‘realness’ of all of these items is much of the appeal to our children.  It has been exciting planning out the school year and the wonderful learning trips, engagements and opportunities we will be providing for our children.

        We welcome some new members of staff to our growing MAGART team, and we are very excited and proud to showcase our newly renovated Fanling Campus!

        We are all full of smiles and positivity as we kick off the 2019-2020 school year!

      1. What are ‘Loose Parts’?

        When we talk of ‘Loose parts’ we refer to endless types of materials which can be used alone or combined with other materials and the environment. They can be moved around, tinkered with, designed, redesigned, lined up, taken apart and put together in multiple ways and because of this can create infinitely more opportunities for creative engagement than static materials and environments. There is no set of specific directions for materials that are considered loose parts. Loose parts can be natural or synthetic.

        Examples of loose parts can include natural materials such as shells, flowers, pebbles, sticks and leaves, to anything such as screws and bolts, carboard boxes, egg cartons, buttons, tubes and tins, to name just a few. There are really endless opportunities, and the ‘realness’ of all of these items is much of the appeal to our children. Wooden blocks and construction are also wonderful open-ended materials with countless hours of potential exploration and play opportunities!

        Our ‘loose parts’ play area at our Taikoo Campus

        Nature is a huge part of our school identity and culture at MAGART and we try to bring as much nature into our school and our learning as possible, which is reflected in our calming and natural school environment. We want our children to appreciate and respect nature, and this can only be possible with close encounters with and opportunities to learn about nature and living things!

        Two of our transition tots (2-3 years) students exploring ‘minibeasts’ through open-ended small world nature play

        We strive to provide abundance of opportunity for our little ones to explore and discover through loose parts, nature and open-ended play. We believe that the environment is the third teacher and plays a vital role in the learning and education of our children. Through exploration, trial and error, our young learners are making sense of the world and making connections and extensions to their learning and understanding.

        What are the benefits of this type of play?

      2. · Loose parts can be used anyway children choose
        ·  Loose parts can be adapted and manipulated in many ways
        ·  Loose parts encourage creativity and imagination
        ·  Loose parts encourage problem solving and logical thinking
        ·  Loose parts develop more skill and competence than most modern plastic toys
        ·  Loose parts encourage open ended learning and thinking
        ·  Children often choose loose parts and ‘real’ objects over fancy toys
      3. Idea! Why not go on an adventure this summer and create your own loose parts nature kit to play and explore with at home? You could collect shells and stones at the beach, sticks and pebbles from a hike or fallen leaves and pinecones from a walk in the park. What better way to connect with nature and the outdoors for some family bonding time!

      1. MAGART hosted a booth at the SCMP Kindergarten Fair at the JW Marriot Hotel on Saturday 18th May. It was wonderful to meet and chat with so many prospective parents and children and to share our educational philosophies and practices.

        It was also a great opportunity to network with other educators and discuss possibilities for collaboration and shared professional development.

        Our natural loose parts play starter kits were very popular! Loose parts play is when children are given time and space to explore and play with open-ended and often natural materials. 
        This free exploration without instructions or rules allows children to develop increased creativity, imagination and problem-solving skills!

        Thank you to everyone who stopped by to see us. We look forward to welcoming many of the parents we met to our campuses on our upcoming open day (25th May, 2019), to enjoy a trial class and hopefully to join our growing MAGART family!

        With Warm Wishes,
        Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team
      1. What a wonderful learning trip our MAGART management team and some of our teaching team embarked on during the Easter holidays as we visited our sister-schools and mother company in Fuzhou and Xiamen to learn, exchange ideas and grow together.
        It was a pleasure to learn from such a well established (20 years!) and strong team (more than 150 schools and 2000 teachers and staff).
        It was impressive to find out that several of our schools in China have been presented with awards for becoming leaders of early education and play-based learning and are appointed by the government as model examples for other schools in the region to learn from and aspire to.

        It was so wonderful to see how well our LGS sister schools implement true child-directed and play-based learning.
        Making great use of the vast school spaces they have, and the use of natural and open-ended materials to explore and learn through. All the children we met were full of confidence, character and curiosity.
        It was impressive how happy, charming and polite the children were while welcoming us into their schools and sharing their learning. We were even treated to several little performances.

        It was particularly nice to see the lovely ways that Chinese culture is embedded into the children’s learning and school life in such an authentic and organic way.
        We will certainly take some inspiration from this by introducing more Chinese, as well as, International cultural aspects into our school environment.
        If we want our children to appreciate and respect other cultures and values and to be truly global citizens, they must have a firm understanding and respect for our own Hong Kong and Chinese culture and traditions.
        We even managed to take in a little Xiamen culture ourselves during our very busy trip!

      2. It is very reassuring to know that as a new school to Hong Kong, MAGART is so well supported and nurtured by such a strong and very skilled team of educators.
        We are grateful to our Board of Directors for providing such a valuable learning experience, and to our hosts for their hospitality and open-sharing and we look forward to continuing to working, learning and growing together.
        We are confident that together MAGART will no doubt become a leader in high quality early childhood education!

      3. With Warm Wishes,
        Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team
      1. Relationships at MAGART are considered exceptionally important; relationships with our children, relationships with our parents and relationships within our MAGART team. It is also important for us to develop strong and positive relationships and connections with other schools and educators within Hong Kong.
        By building these connections with other educators and primary schools, we can provide our children and parents with informed options and choices for their child’s next step of their educational journey.
        It was our pleasure to visit Han Academy in Aberdeen and to have a guided tour of their school and to learn more about their philosophy and practices.
        We were particularly impressed by their emphasis on Chinese culture and appreciation, which reflects our own school philosophy. We strive to provide our children with a rich cultural education to ensure increased understanding, appreciation and respect for different cultures and traditions, and we feel that the basis for that is having a firm appreciation and awareness of our home culture.

        Photo (January 2019): Jeff Chen, Patricia Or, Xu Li, Khardine Rendall

        We reciprocated the visit by inviting the Han Academy representatives Jeff Chen and Xu Li (School Supervisor) to visit our Whampoa and Taikoo campuses.
        We look forward to continuing our relationship with Han Academy, and building connections with other schools.
        With Warm Wishes,
        Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team

    1. It was an absolute pleasure to be part of the Eugene Baby Expo 2019.
      We had hundreds of visitors stop by to play and to find out more about our school philosophy and programmes.
      We are looking forward to seeing many of those visitors (big and small!) at our 3 campuses very soon and welcoming them into our growing MAGART community.
      Thank you to everyone who visited us, and to our MAGART team who showcased our wonderful school so well!
      With Warm Wishes,
      Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team

    1. Happy New Year! - here is wishing health and happiness to all for 2019!
      It is lovely seeing so many smiley, happy faces coming to class each day as our playgroup programme grows and blossoms.
      Our playgroup programmes are rich in sensory exploration, physical activities and play.
      It is wonderful to see the progress and development our youngest learners make in such a short time and how quickly they make friends and adjust to their school life!
      I particularly enjoy the curious little faces who stop by my office to say good morning or good afternoon as part of their daily routine.
      It is things like this and the wonderful children which make a career in Early Childhood Education so rewarding and enjoyable!
      With Warm Wishes,
      Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team
    1. It has been a very busy and exciting time at MAGART International Kindergarten as we recently received our EDB registration and have started to accept immediate enrolment at our Whampoa Campus.
      Much hard work, dedication and love has gone into the development of MAGART and our founders and entire MAGART team are looking forward to seeing what 2019 brings!
      Please do not hesitate to contact us.
      Wishing you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
      With Warm Wishes,
      Khardine Rendall & The MAGART Team