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At MAGART we strongly believe in whole child development and nurturing children's individual interests and talents.To enhance and achieve this we have developed a strong enrichment programme offering a variety of courses to cater to different interests, needs and abilities.From science and discovery, to language enhancement, phonics and creative arts, we are certain there is something to challenge and interest everyone!

Igniting curiosity and thinking with this specially designed science programme. A different science-based idea is introduced and explored each session, from light and shadow exploration to how different things work and function. This helps to promote critical thinking and understanding of the word.
Language of Instruction: English

This specially designed programme introduces a new creative arts technique each session; from collaging and sculpting, to creating masks and painting, budding artists are guaranteed to pick up new skills and creative talent!
Language of Instruction: English

Explore and learn letters and sounds through songs, stories, arts and craft activities. Based on the well-known and established Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds Programme. Children bring home something related to the focus of the week to extend their learning at home.
Language of Instruction: English

Build confidence, expression and imagination through exploration of stories, role play and props. Children learn how to use their voices, bodies and props in different ways and how to 'perform' or present to with increased confidence. !
Language of Instruction: English

With our GAPSHK experienced and trained teacher this class is focused on immersion and enrichment of Putonghua speaking and listening. Through the MAGART way of interactive, authentic and hands on learning experiences our children build confidence and ability in understanding and expression in Putonghua.
Language of Instruction: English

This immersive language class aims to develop exposure, ability and confidence with the English language. Through fun and engaging activities, children develop their English listening and speaking skills for more confident communication and expression in English. 
Language of Instruction: English

Through these very hands on and engaging classes our children learn, develop and build techniques and skills as they explore and create during this specialist ceramics programme. 
Language of Instruction: English

Especially designed for young children, this class is a combination of traditional and modern forms of Tai Chi, bringing harmony of Chinese and Hong Kong culture. The basic movements are simple, fun and easy to learn. It helps to increase concentration, self-discipline, gross motor development, strength and coordination as well as enhancing children’s physical development. Tai Chi is very beneficial for healthy minds and bodies!
Language of Instruction: English

-Little Chefs (Cooking)
At MAGART we are constantly striving to strengthen our programmes and add variety. Keep an eye on our continually developing enrichment courses; if you are interested in something in particular*lar but is not currently on offer, please let us know and we will do our best to provide an extraordinary learning experience!

Some of the many benefits of joining ECA Classes:
· Explore and develop specific interests and skills
· Language development / immersion
· Small class sizes / ratios
· Helps to achieve balance and whole child development
· Encourage confidence and adaptability